Which Commuter Omnibus insurance is right for you?

At Clarion, we understand that yours is a cash business and as such, cash flows are not always assured. In the unfortunate event of an accident it is not always possible to have your vehicle repaired or replaced as soon as possible unless you have insurance cover. We have developed a package that will not only guarantee you peace of mind, but one that aligns itself well with your cash flows and allows you to make your premium payments based on a plan that you will design and agree upon with our underwriting tea.

Why choose Clarion for your Commuter Omnibus insurance cover

. We have a dedicated underwriting team that seeks to understand your present and future needs as a commuter omnibus operators so as to better serve you today and in future.

.  It’s a package line no other. Find out how we can keep you on the road longer with more cover for less.

Tell us about your Commuter Omnibus. We'll listen And then work with you to make sure you've got